Sunday, October 16, 2011

One year in the making, BUT...

One year ago today, I found myself in Laredo, TX on my first day on the job as a broadcast news reporter. I still remember my first day, of course. I wore my brown/olivish colored Theory pants with my flowered Banana Republic vest/top thing that was actually pretty old. I was pretty bad at the whole reporting gig. I sounded and looked like a kid (probably still do, but not as bad, thank goodness). I remember thinking a few weeks later how I definitely was going to last at least a couple years in this place because of my inexperience and my need to work at it to be an outstanding reporter. However, little did I know what life does. Exactly a year later, out of all places, destiney brings me to what we refer to in Spanish here at Univision- LV as "La Ciudad de las Luces." And oh boy, it truly has been a roller coaster, a good one though.

Now don't get me wrong, I ABSOLUTELY love love... LOVE my job. My boss and news team are incredible I learn EVERY single day ( I can't stress this enough), and one day all the hard work I'm putting forth will reap, weather it's sooner or later, but there's just one little thing I'm missing, which I believe is more important than anything else this world can offer: a family. 

Now I know I'm not horribly old. I'm 24. A good age that's made me realize that no matter how successful I become, it's nothing with out a companion. That's enough say about what you could be thinking is going through my mind and I'm not embarrassed... well maybe a little, but it's okay. I'm only saying this because it goes with what my next goal in life is...

I love the family I was raised in. I love them with all my heart, but I know what I'm also supposed to be aiming for when it comes to our Father's eternal plan: a family of my own.

There's a journalist whose video I came across on YouTube. I admire her So much. She's the EXACT example of:

  •  My feelings
  •  My values vs. career goals
  •  My Dreams-- both family and professional. 

Please watch:

Jane Clayson Johnson is an amazing woman. I hope to reach even just a little of everything she has done. Thank you, Mrs. Johnson.

For the moment, 

YES, I took this picture of myself after our 11:30p news show b/c up until the date I hadn't taken any pictures at the darn place. I wanted something with the Univision logo. (10-14-11)


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