Sunday, March 13, 2011

Picture Updates

Who loves pictures?! I do! 

Like my private jet???
Haha... I Wish!
I went to a media conference at the Laredo Airport for the annual air show. On my way in, I passed a warehouse/garage building for planes. Guess what I did? Yup, snuck in, acted like I owned the place, took this picture and walked out. Funny part is that I took the dang picture with the least interesting plane. There were so many more that were much cooler. Especially the ones outside on display. I don't know what I was thinking. Oh well!

A few of my co-workers, starting with myself, then Patrick, Isacc, Ryan, and Anette, We wore hats from our station's rival hospital. Call us traders, cuz that's exactly what we were doing.

At the commander's reception, also. Here, are the pro 8 news reporters in the middle and the two Telemundo Anchors on the outside. Lupita on the far left and Noraida on the far right.
I've learned SO much from these ladies.

Have you ever gone shooting in tights and heels? I HAVE! I went to cover shooting classes for a story I was working on and ended up getting some of my own.

With Anette at the anchor desk during Christmas time, 2010. She anchored that day. She's great!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Laredo Radiothon for St. Judes

I would like to start sharing some of my stories on my blog. I'm testing to see how this works out.

Here is one of the latest stories I did March 4, 2011.