Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer starts with new chapter in my life.

Goodbye Laredo. Hello Las Vegas!

It only took me about three months to get my blog updated. Great, and it's not even that I was being lazy or anything. I just wanted to get my pictures together and put them in order, and I'm still missing them. For the moment, though, I've said goodbye to good old Laredo, TX. I'm going to ALWAYS be grateful for the opportunity I was offered to with the station. I learned so much from every single person I worked with. Below are some pictures of my very last day of working with KGNS. 

As for now. Heavenly Father has blessed me with a challenging, yet beautiful opportunity to work as a multi-media journalist with Univision KINC- 15 in Las Vegas. I've been working with the station since May 10, 2011. My new coworkers are incredibly intelligent. I learn so much every day. It's an adventure here and I'm ready! I can't wait to take pictures to post them. They're soon to come. :) But for the moment these are the memories I've got:

Part of the KGNS news team. I begged them to come take this picture with me since it was my last day.

Lupita and Noraida from Telemundo Laredo. Lupita is wonderful and Noraida taught me lots.

I went up to Ann during a commercial break while she was anchoring the 5p news to take this picture with her. Thanks Ann!

Random, but after I went left laredo and made it home the next day, one of the first things I got to see was a new baby calf that one of our cows had, I guess! It was too cute!