Sunday, October 16, 2011

One year in the making, BUT...

One year ago today, I found myself in Laredo, TX on my first day on the job as a broadcast news reporter. I still remember my first day, of course. I wore my brown/olivish colored Theory pants with my flowered Banana Republic vest/top thing that was actually pretty old. I was pretty bad at the whole reporting gig. I sounded and looked like a kid (probably still do, but not as bad, thank goodness). I remember thinking a few weeks later how I definitely was going to last at least a couple years in this place because of my inexperience and my need to work at it to be an outstanding reporter. However, little did I know what life does. Exactly a year later, out of all places, destiney brings me to what we refer to in Spanish here at Univision- LV as "La Ciudad de las Luces." And oh boy, it truly has been a roller coaster, a good one though.

Now don't get me wrong, I ABSOLUTELY love love... LOVE my job. My boss and news team are incredible I learn EVERY single day ( I can't stress this enough), and one day all the hard work I'm putting forth will reap, weather it's sooner or later, but there's just one little thing I'm missing, which I believe is more important than anything else this world can offer: a family. 

Now I know I'm not horribly old. I'm 24. A good age that's made me realize that no matter how successful I become, it's nothing with out a companion. That's enough say about what you could be thinking is going through my mind and I'm not embarrassed... well maybe a little, but it's okay. I'm only saying this because it goes with what my next goal in life is...

I love the family I was raised in. I love them with all my heart, but I know what I'm also supposed to be aiming for when it comes to our Father's eternal plan: a family of my own.

There's a journalist whose video I came across on YouTube. I admire her So much. She's the EXACT example of:

  •  My feelings
  •  My values vs. career goals
  •  My Dreams-- both family and professional. 

Please watch:

Jane Clayson Johnson is an amazing woman. I hope to reach even just a little of everything she has done. Thank you, Mrs. Johnson.

For the moment, 

YES, I took this picture of myself after our 11:30p news show b/c up until the date I hadn't taken any pictures at the darn place. I wanted something with the Univision logo. (10-14-11)


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall is Here! But First...

Here are some quick pictures that don't need me to say much. This year is just one more blessing I cannot complain about.

I was able to visit the White House for the first time in my life. It was a lot smaller than what I thought it would be. TV really does biggie size everything.

...walking down Washington DC. I'm about to run into a live band at the end of the block after looking up at some cocktail party over at the Shakespeare Theatre Building.  

I brought the Gorilla and mom to Starbucks out in DC, for the first time! And yes, Starbucks does serve caffine-free.

Garnie's college graduation. I was able to come to this too, obviously.

My family still cooks like if it was 1890, not to mention when it's 113 degrees outside.

Along with the out door cooking, the Gorilla made this!  He cooks this meal every time there's a homecoming, or one of his kids randomly asks for it. This time it was both. YUM!

Lilly minilly is the cutest baby you will ever see bathing in the garage. Mom bathed her here EVERY single day.