Monday, November 15, 2010

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

FIRST OFF- I'm just so excited to be able to have wireless internet again!! I've been with out it ever since I moved out here. We only had one ethernet cable to hook up our computers to, but I finally decided to head out today and buy a wireless router! Yay for me!

Okay, now that I have that taken care of, I do have things to share.

Work does continue to be a little challenging for me, but I'm still loving every bit of it. What can I say other than what I've already said before... I'm LOVING what I finally have a chance to do.

For the most part, I've been doing more of softer story telling, which would be reports on fluffy things, like events taking place. But this weekend I reported on my first homicide case. Looks like the reporting turned out pretty good, since my weekend supervisor (and anchor) complimented me about it. I was happy!

As for other things, one of my newest friends, Patrick was nice enough to invite me out to my first ice-hockey game in Laredo! Go Laredo Bucks.... I guess! Right!

My newest Laredo friend!

Apparently, after every goal the bucks make, people throw these squashy-feeling corn husks (that they get for a quarter a piece) out on the ice to cheer and show Bucks spirit. I thought it was hilarious... and cheesy! It was fun though! I decided to get a picture of us showing these goofy little corn husk things.

Oh and I just am SO, SO, SO excited to show my very first gift I received as a reporter! Check it:


These are some really yummy tasting cookies I received from a school principal for doing a report on a college dual enrollment class offered at their school. She was so great. I normally try to lay off sugar, but I didn't hold back this time. I had to enjoy my present, and I totally did. 

Moving on to another great thing, I met baby Lily!! She's seriously adorable... oh and grouchy, too. lol! 

I'm glad I'll get to be around her. Since she is a newborn, though, it's still hard for me to tell what type of personality she'll have. I'm just waiting now for her to hurry up and grow up so I can know!

This is it, but just for now. More to come very soon. And much sooner than it has. I'm plannin on taking pictures of just about everything around me. I love documenting!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Laredo: Definitely Another World

It's now been just about 11 days since I arrived to Laredo. I would say that's enough time to state judgment on the place. But first, I do have to admit, though, at how accurate the comments I heard about the place were...

Everything in Laredo:
  •  Has horrible service- Went to dinner last night. Had to ask the waiter three times for water, and after I finally got it, he disappeared and never came back. I had to get up and find out where we could pay for our meals.
  • Is VERY expensive - I called 3 decent looking salons to get price ranges on a hair cut. They all START at $50!
  • Is BORING- The only time I'm enjoying myself is when I'm at work... gotta love news reporting.
  • Is HUMID- Have I ever mentioned how much I hate humidity? Probably not because I've never experienced it like I have here. It's horrible! Give me some nice and dry Arizona air please.
  • Spanglish or all Spanish- Now, I can understand that Spanglish has become a little bit of a new culture for Hispanic families, but we are still in America and with this being said, English should be the respected public language. I'll go somewhere and even if I speak to an individual in English and insist in keeping the conversation in it, they don't care they'll talk back to you in Spanish until you give in... bugs me!
  • Smelly- I've have yet to find a building or area in the darn town and not have my nose itch because something smells. Also, apparently people don't mind living right next to water treatment plants that smell like butt. There are a few of those around and they are all located right smack in the middle of neighborhoods. Interesting...
  • Is CORRUPT!!- This one has to be the winner for the worst thing in Laredo. I'm amazed at just how unqualified so many city officials are for the positions they have, and the way they managed to get their positions. 

But even with all these crazy things, I still think I'll be okay. Although complaining is what it appears I'm doing, I'm working on trying not to mind all this stuff and rather just be an example of what I believe to be right and proper so I can be an example to those who do care to make a positive difference.

Also, now that I'm here and have received my very first on-air opportunity in this place, Laredo will, indeed, have a special place in my heart. That's why I'm still going to enjoy it as best as I can. 

I love my job here. I'm working as hard as I can to perfect my broadcasting skills to the fullest!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's all about tha family

Yes, it's about time I catch up with myself. You see, it's been sort of a rough year for me. I haven't exactly made it to where I'd like to be. It's been 10 months of searching for things which I thought I wanted. Ten months of praying with all my heart. Ten months of learning. Ten months of re-meeting my parents, and ten months of taking many many trials, which now I'm glad I had (but only in a small way...he! ).

I've wanted to start my career in broadcast journalism for the longest time, but due to one reason or another, I just was not able to get this ambition on a kick start. However, the moment I've been praying for and hoping would soon happen has now arrived. I'll be taking the next stage in my life to Laredo, Texas, where I'll be working as a news reporter for KGNS- NBC. The more I ponder this opportunity the more I realize it's exactly what I need (but not what I really want! It's okay though). So let's get this next journey on the road!

But wait!

Before, I do continue with my future plans up ahead, I do want to trace back to those 10 months of what I thought was hardship and agony... 
and boy was I wrong! 

Heavenly Father blessed with 10 months of re-kindling love for my family (something I was subconsciously losing in small way... I cared only about my career plans). Times, though, are now much different. There's no doubt in my mind my family will always be there for me and the people I will always LOVE. Yes, they're kinda psycho, but how I love their cocky, weird, loud and energetic personalities ( I suppose I could be included in this list as well). 

Please. Take a look at just a few things I've shared with my beautiful family these last 10 months:  

My mom has always been my wonderful hardworking mom, but this year she became my best friend... the only friend I could run and cry to about anything, including what I thought to be my hopeless life (which is definitely not true and I know that now). I will always love her. This picture was taken on mothers' day. I made her corsage and she loved it (of course)! 

Yes, I have two other best friends who are also my sisters ( but that's okay). Garnie and Vicky were able to come home for the 4th of July weekend, which was also my birthday!! They were the only ones home to celebrate my special day with me... our country's special day too! They were great sports, and Garnie made me a cake that looked like butt... I still loved it though... because I had no other choice... but thanks sister!  

One of my main goals I set myself to do these last months was to stay way more organized. If you take a look at my desk, you can probably tell it wasn't going to great all the time. But do allow me to say I have been very good about it lately. I do love my desk and my room. This is where I like to meditate and think about everything I do. I also like to ponder and look at my vision portrait which I made. Like it? I do! I am going to add to it though. It's a little empty and it's time to revise it. 

This was the first time this year my only two brothers got to reunite. It was only about a month ago too that I took this picture. We were outside fixing Luis' truck. Actually I wasn't really doing anything, just watching. They were replacing the bumper on Luis' truck (which I crashed, sorry brother!! Glad to know that you still love me though!). Their bonding time was... cool!